Ammar al-Obaidi was born in Baghdad on May 20, 1969. He is an engineer at the University of Baghdad. He has always demonstrated a special talent in easily figuring out, even with creative genius, nearly any form, any space. His great imagination literally springs through his brushes and inks, while his colors become odes of precision.

He orchestrates his painting around a dynamic search of colors. Abstraction is the matrix of his work as a painter. It communicates the harmony he builds between his emotions as a contemporary man of Iraqi culture and his sensitivity to European civilizations, between his experience as a precise, thorough scientific and his knowledge of classical painting.

He seeks to convey his sense of others, their qualities, together with his own sense of human relationships.

His purpose is to share his singular ability to see in today’s world, disfigured by wars and what he calls the “horrors” that lead the human being towards his lowest instincts of individual and collective destruction; the strength of love, solidarity, the fits of generosity existing between a man and a woman.

His art work follows the footsteps of Pablo Picasso in his synthetic and analytic cubist periods, those of Antoni Tapies regarding his particular way of working with the medium used, which was transmitted by the painter Moher Aldeen, as well as the lines of the School of Bologna. Besides, he drew from El Greco his art of color.